As an international haulage company, JMS of Doncaster provide haulage services operating across all areas of the UK, with international services available throughout Europe. It's no secret that Brexit is affecting businesses all over the country – and as an international business, haulage is no different.

As Britain is preparing for a no-deal Brexit scenario, talks of a "lorry lottery" are in place. A European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) international road haulage permit may be necessary for journeys between ECMT member countries.

There are currently talks to give around 4,000 permits to around 40,000 UK vehicles, with the least polluting vehicles being put at the front of the queue. JMS of Doncaster consistently improve the environmental impact of our business, and always look for improvement opportunities within our business activities.

ECMT permits allow for journeys to be made between the 43 ECMT member countries. Although it may seem like a necessity for UK haulage companies to receive an ECMT permit, these permits may not be necessary long term. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, the UK will still attempt to seek agreements with the 27 EU states. In the long term, this will help avoid the need for ECMT permits and allow haulage companies to move between countries in the EU.

JMS of Doncaster are committed to providing quality haulage services, with the highest level of customer service available. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, we aim to continue to provide the same quality of services our customers have come to expect for almost 30 years.

We will still offer Same Day Delivery services to all areas of the UK, secure Warehousing and Logistics services, and as members of Pallet Track, still offer express Pallet Delivery services throughout the country.