Eco-Friendly Fleet

 As one of the UK's leading haulage and logistics companies, at JMS we understand the importance of carrying out work in an environmentally responsible manner, focusing our attention on reducing environmental risks and exposures. With nearly 30 years' experience in the industry, we're always looking for improvement opportunities on business activities within our internal operations, integrating sustainable development into JMS' business activities. Maximising recycling, reducing pollution and managing excessive energy consumption are just the tip of the iceberg.

We're already Low Emission Zone compliant. The Low Emission Zone covers most areas of Greater London, encouraging the most polluting vehicles to become cleaner. Being LEZ compliant, JMS vehicles are not restricted access into London City Centre areas. On top of this, our regular night trunking operations help in reducing road congestion at busy periods through the day.

We also work with other companies offering services promoting the best environmental practice, like Pallet Track. In fact, being part of Pallet Track's overnight delivery service further helps us reduce road congestion on busy times of day. Our environmental policies even extend to the products we use. We aim to purchase environmentally friendly products, where possible, from local vendors and corporate supplier who match our environmental criteria.

At JMS, we put in continuous effort to make sure our staff are trained to the highest level, extending to our environmental policies. We enhance our employees' environmental awareness, encouraging them to carry out duties in an environmentally responsible manner, educating management on our environmental principles, products and services.

But our environmental policies are far from static. We're always learning from outside examples of best practice environmental performance, integrating environmental awareness in all stages of planning, marketing employee communications and training. Our environmental policy and practices are periodically reviewed in order to improve operational and environmental performance across the company.

Our environmental policy is one of the reasons we've become one of the UK's leading Haulage and Logistics companies. Read more about our environmentally friendly fleet.

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