Fantastic Service from Ongoing Training

At JMS of Doncaster, we deal with over 400 customers, providing total transport solutions to all areas of the UK. Our team are dedicated to providing top quality haulage services, including offering same-day service and international transport links. That's why we provide regular training to all JMS staff, ensuring our customers only get the best service.

JMS drivers are at the front and centre of the transport services we provide. We ensure all our drivers receive periodic training to maintain their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). A Driver CPC is essential for drivers working within the European Union. We continue and fund Driver CPC training for all our team, completing a minimum of 35 hours training for each driver, every 5 years.

We also employ a mandatory Company Induction Training Programme within each employee's first week of employment. This helps all our employees provide the best transport and customer service available. Our comprehensive staff training covers a wide range of topics, including Health & Safety management, safe working procedures and manual handling.

Although our drivers make up a large section of our work force, they're not the whole story. We also have teams of admin staff in the transport office, accounts and in customer service departments. We provide and fund Driver CPC training to all members of the Transport office and certain members of the Admin team. This enhances the whole JMS team's efficiency in communication, first aid, and health and safety.

All the training we provide to staff ensures our customers receive only top quality haulage services and the best customer service when communicating with our staff. Read more about why you should use JMS for all your haulage needs, including some great reviews from our customers. 

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